Are you ready to start addressing the root cause of your illness?

Are you dealing with a new diagnosis or on-going chronic condition, but failing to get the answers or symptom relief you need? Are you overwhelmed researching best practices for your condition?

You’re in the right place if the dialogue in your head resembles the below:

“What supplements should I be taking? What specific diet should I be following? Should I go gluten-free? What about other food sensitivities? Can these really have dramatic effects on my condition? How? What is all of this about gut health?  Where do I even begin to make changes?”

We all deserve to experience optimal health, but trying to get there on our own can be maddening. The information is hard to decipher, contradictory, and the “solutions” don’t always fit within our lifestyle.

That’s where I come in.

I will silence the nutritional noise and create an action plan individualized for your specific condition, symptoms and lifestyle. My goal is to to make the transition as painless as possible while ensuring long-term success.

I use the most progressive (and effective), evidence-based nutrition practices to provide you with:

  • A comprehensive review of your health, diet, and lifestyle history
  • A customized nutrition and lifestyle plan (including supplementation) to meet your individual health goals
  • Access to advanced, cloud-based software for convenient communication, customized meal plans and tailored recipes – from wherever you may be
  • Recommendations for appropriate lab testing (and interpretation) as appropriate
  • Discounts on professional-grade supplements
  • Communication with your physician or other practitioners, as needed

I know first-hand how it feels to be overwhelmed when trying to make dietary changes for yourself or your family, and I am here to guide you. You will be supported as you learn how to implement each strategy without overwhelm, even within the most chaotic of lifestyles.

I specialize in the following conditions:

  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Adrenal Health
  • Cognitive/Mood Issues (depression, anxiety, ADHD)