As a conventionally-trained, progressive-minded registered dietitian, I am here to silence the nutritional noise, provide impactful dietary & lifestyle changes, and help you strike a balance between what’s ideal and what’s real.

My primary goal – for my products, my services, and articles – is to educate and motivate you by presenting well-vetted, evidence-based information that is concise, relatable and actionable so that you feel empowered to take control of your health.

I have personally battled chronic illness and found my way out through specific diet and lifestyle practices. I can help you do the same. Check out the options below to find a resource that will start your progress towards optimal health.


Selected by SELF Magazine as one of “7 Fascinating and Illuminating Health Books That Will Totally Open Your Eyes About Your Health.”

INFLAMED: Discover the root cause of inflammation and personalize a step-by-step plan to create a healthy, vibrant life, details my journey of learning to manage my autoimmune condition with diet and lifestyle and provides an action plan for anyone else dealing with a chronic, inflammatory condition looking to do the same. INFLAMED will provide you with a reason  ̶  and a way  ̶   to get back your health.

  • In Part One: Fire Hazard, you’ll learn how your genetics, digestion and the environment act as kindling for the fire of inflammation.

  • In Part Two: Ignition, you’ll discover which factors of your diet, lifestyle, environment (internal and external) and medical history are stoking the fire.

  • In Part Three: Extinguish, you will implement a personalized, step-by-step action plan to put out the flames.

  • In the Toolkit: Gain access to over 20 “cheat sheets” to easily implement practices into your individual lifestyle.

Nutrition Consulting


Managing my own autoimmune disease with diet and lifestyle alone for nearly a decade, I know intimately what it takes to make big lifestyle changes.

Integrating my formal, conventional background as a registered dietitian with my training in functional medicine, I offer a number of options to work with me individually to customize a diet and lifestyle plan that will meet you where you’re at while addressing the root cause of your condition. I utilize the most progressive, evidence-based nutrition protocols, professional-grade supplements and functional lab testing to maximize results.


The Blog


Check out my blog for articles that will connect the dots between the most timely health and nutrition topics: inflammation, gut health/microbiome, gluten, food sensitivities, weight maintenance and more. Just with INFLAMED, my goal is to educate and motivate by presenting well-vetted, evidence-based information that is concise and conversational (so you aren’t bored to tears).

Some of my most popular articles include: “15 Simple Ways to Create an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle” (written for Mind Body Green), “How and Why I Broke Up With Dairy,” “Gluten. What!?” and “Eat Clean and Be Lean: 10 Reasons to Stop Calorie Counting.”

Educational Videos