Are you dealing with a new diagnosis or on-going chronic condition, but failing to get the answers or symptom relief you need? Are you overwhelmed researching best practices for your condition?

I will silence the nutritional noise and create a comprehensive, step-wise action plan individualized for your specific condition, symptoms and lifestyle. My goal is to to make the transition as painless as possible while ensuring long-term success.

UPDATE: I am currently not taking on new clients, but I do have limited availability for referrals from select Functional Medicine physicians. Please call me at 424.254.9078 to learn more. To find another registered dietitian who focuses on integrative & functional medicine, please use this directory.

Integrative & Functional Nutrition Consultation

Comprehensive Individual Consultation (1 hour)

How it works:

When you schedule your appointment online, you will have the chance to let me know what your primary concerns are. You will then hear from me via email and before our initial consultation, you’ll receive access to my cloud-based Victus Health software to upload existing supplements, lab work, medications, food diary as well as complete my client questionnaire.

Included in the service:

  • Comprehensive integrative & functional medicine nutrition assessment
  • Supplement review and recommendations
  • Lab recommendations
  • Review of up to a 3-day food diary identifying key areas for improvement
  • Individualized action plan with goals appropriate to your condition and lifestyle
  • Communication with other practitioners you are seeing for your condition, as appropriate
  • Discounts off professional-grade supplements
  • Access to Victus Health software for 3 months:
    • Track your individualized nutrition plan – diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
    • Use 100’s of individualized recipes and create customized meal plans (software can filter for multiple food sensitivities and all specialty diets)


$200 (Manhattan Beach office/phone)

Price does not include cost of supplements or lab work.

30 Minute Clarity Call 

Are you full of questions about how to make the most impactful changes to your diet, based on YOUR specific symptoms and medical history?

Maybe you’re already planning a certain approach, but want professional confirmation. Or perhaps you need someone to help you prioritize your action steps. You might just be inundated with conflicting information and hoping for clarity.

Here is your chance to pick my brain.

I am now offering a 30-minute “Clarity Call” where you will get direct, professional, individualized advice on what will work (and what won’t work) for you. During our conversation, you’ll receive an initial action plan. The rest of the planning will be up to you, but you will be pointed in the right direction and ready to hit the ground running.


$75 (phone)

Group Classes

Gather a like-minded group, and I can present a topic that fits your needs.  Building on the foundation of deciphering popular nutrition recommendations and healing through anti-inflammatory diet principles I can incorporate specific topics you need addressed. An ample Q&A session is included. Each attendee will receive my “blueprint” booklet, including guides to choosing individualized goals as well as $50 off a comprehensive case review. Call for details and scheduling: 424.254.9078

Functional Lab Testing Packages

To schedule one of the functional lab packages below, please contact me at or 424-254-9078.

Micronutrient Testing | Interpretation | Supplement Regimen

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are at the root of almost every chronic condition. Even if you are eating “healthy,” deficiencies can exist for many reasons, including: aging, improper absorption, biochemical individuality, chronic illness, chronic medication use, lifestyle (stress, excessive alcohol intake, smoking).  This functional lab panel measures vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, your fatty-acid balance (crucial to inflammatory conditions) and your level of yeast (Candida).  Armed with the knowledge of your individual status, deficiencies can be appropriately corrected with professional supplements at the precise dosage for you. 

Cost: $350 with insurance (except Aetna/Kaiser/Medicare). Does not include cost of supplements. Not available in New York. 

Food Sensitivity Testing | Interpretation | Diet Plan

Consuming foods you are sensitive to can consistently trigger an inflammatory response and can be the culprit for many chronic conditions. Symptoms of a food sensitivity include: a strong craving for a particular food (especially gluten and dairy), chronic pain (headaches, stomach pain, joint pain), mood and cognitive issues, digestion issues and skin upsets. This blood test can check for over 100 possible sensitivities to foods, spices and other environmental factors. Once the results are in, I will interpret the findings and guide you to a balanced diet that avoids any specific food sensitivities while also working to heal the underlying issues contributing to the sensitivities and provide the most diverse diet as possible long-term.

Cost: $350 with insurance (except Aetna/Kaiser). Not available in New York.